Beginning in 2019, Iowa Law requires voters to present an acceptable form of ID when going to vote.

Acceptable Forms of Identification

When do I need to provide ID?

Due to a recent court ruling, identification is only required when voting on Election Day.  Voters currently are not required to provide an ID number on an absentee ballot request form or present an ID when voting early in-person.  

Voter ID "PIN" Card

Any registered voter who does not have a valid driver's license or non-operator's ID issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation were issued a Voter ID Card containing a four-digit PIN. To be valid on Election Day the Voter ID card must be signed prior to arriving at the polling place.

If you should have been issued a Voter ID card but do not have one, please contact our office.

Additional Options

If you do not have an acceptable form of identification when going to vote you have several options:

  1. Have Someone Attest to your Identity
  2. Cast a Provisional Ballot

Voters were previously offered the option to sign an additional oath of identification in 2018.  This option is no longer available.

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